ScriptCraft – Javascript Programming in Minecraft

ScriptCraft is a plugin created by Walter Higgins for Minecraft servers, that lets you use Javascript within the game for creating mods, mini-games or automating building tasks. It is available for CanaryMod and CraftBukkit (now discontinued ) servers.

You can issue simple commands (precedeed by /js) like

/js echo(1+1)

or create complex functions, saved in scriptcraft\plugins folder, that can be invoked in the same manner:

/js myfunction()

ScriptCraft comes with some extra functions (not part of Javascript language) that can help you in building complex structures. The simplest is box(), used for creating cuboids.

For example,

/js box(blocks.sandstone,3,3,3) 

will create a 3x3x3 sandstone cube at the location of the cursor.

There are also functions for prisms, cylinders, spheres and others that you can combine to create your on functions for building complex structures.You are not forced to know the type IDs and data values for Minecraft blocks, as you can use the ScriptCraft predefined blocks object. In the previous example I used blocks.sandstone instead of searching for the numeric value(s) for the specific material.

Using ScriptCraft to teach kids programming 

ScriptCraft is a powerful tool for Minecraft modding, but is also very useful to teach kids programming as they can see immediately the result of the issued commands. They can build big structures in seconds (sometimes the server will be overwhelmed by requests to create a box of hundreds blocks on each direction but that’s part of the fun) and they can also easily create simple mods to impress their friends so they surely are motivated to learn.

ScriptCraft comes with an Arrows plugin that modifies arrows to launch fireworks, to explode or to attract a lightning strike on impact, which adds the wow factor. While helping you to keep kids interested, ScriptCraft provides also the opportunity to explain them other related topics. During the installation/configuration I discussed with my 9 years old son about servers, networks, folders structure and similar concepts that he found boring previously. He follows now the JavaScript course on to be able to better use ScriptCraft.

Read more

Walter Higgins posted a detailed introduction to ScriptCraft on Github – The Young Person’s Guide to Programming in Minecraft and also wrote a book that will be available soon (April 2015) – A Beginner’s Guide to writing Minecraft  Plugins in JavaScript 

For latest version download and complete reference go to:


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