Literacy Blocks – Using MinecraftEdu to Engage and Motivate Reluctant Writers



Why Minecraft?

Photographs, video clips, poetry, personal experiences, objects, memories.  Not an exhaustive list but a sample of some of the things English teachers use every day to try and engage students and immerse them in writing tasks.  The problem we face is that, for many students, writing feels like work.  Not academic work (solving a maths problem or working out an engineering problem) but actual work more attuned with digging the garden or washing up.  My job as an English Teacher is to find a way to overcome this and motivate my learners so that they are willing to disregard the work feeling and actually want to write something.

My son is a typical 9 year old reluctant writer.  He struggles with his handwriting which makes him slower than his peers at producing written work.  He becomes frustrated that his writing doesn’t look like theirs and that he hasn’t…

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