Little Big Planet 2 – Logic Tutorials by QuietlyWrong on PSN Forum

Very useful tutorials for powerful logic capabilities of Little Big Planet 2, created by user QuietlyWrong on

LBP2 Logic Level Link

#1 Boolean Logic, AND and OR
Welcome to the first in a series of articles in which I hope to explain as much as I can about using Logic in LBP2. I’m going to start from the very beginning and work up to some complex systems with a load of examples on the way. Please give me feedback to stop me getting bored!…

#2 Microchips in LBP2
In the first tutorial, I was building the logic right on the level. This isn’t normally the best place to put it. LBP2 provides you with a gadget that is specially designed to hold logic circuits…

#3 NOT, truth tables, XOR and inversions
So far, we’ve looked at ways of combining signals from two or more inputs. If you remember back to the first tutorial, we saw how the AND gate responds if ALL of the inputs are on and the OR gate responds if ANY of the inputs is on.
The NOT gate is unique in that it only operates on a single input – a single wire…

#4 Timers and Counters
The next thing I’d like to talk about are timers and counters. These are incredibly useful – so useful, in fact, that when I was trying to come up with logic examples for the tutorials and the tutorial level, I struggled to avoid introducing one or the other of these ‘advanced logic’ gadgets. They really are the bedrock of gameplay logic, and it’s worth spending some time getting to know these two gadgets and how the various tweak options work…


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