Teaching Kids Programming

A new resource for teaching Programming to kids, based on the “Intentional Method”:


Teaching Kids Programming

The TKP Intentional Method

We at ‘Teaching Kids Programming’ have invented and use a new method of teaching children programming. We call this the intentional method. It consists of courseware and teaching techniques. All of this material is freely available to use and improve.  The Intentional Method simply stated is teaching by guiding pairs of children from English comments (the intention) to code those comments correctly into some other programming language.  The core programming language that we use is Microsoft SmallBasic.  We have also developed Intentional teaching materials for Java, T-SQL and for Microsoft Kodu (visual programming).  There are a few key concepts that we attempt to follow in writing and in teaching all our TKP lessons (recipes).  These concepts include the following:

1) One line of English = One line of code

2) Code one line and then run your program to verify that your translation was correct

3) After correctly coding a line of English (comment), then delete that line

We have done this mainly with the SmallBasic Recipes, but have extended to a few other classes.

More Information:
Who are our Teachers? 
Our teachers are volunteers. They come from the professional developer community. We’ve also done work with classroom teachers. We’ve heard from homerschoolers as well. If you’d like to teach our courseware we recommend you complete the courseware, as a student, first. Then process to our ‘teaching tips` sections(s) of this website. In particular, you may want to take a look at our teaching training videos.



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