Help, My Kids Are Obsessed With Minecraft!

A very interesting article about Minecraft addiction on

Help, My Kids Are Obsessed With Minecraft!

The gateway to the great wide beyond

Despite the fact that Minecraft isn’t a game that was specifically designed for kids, millions have taken to it with a passion and loyalty usually only reserved for books about boy wizards. The game is now everywhere and its fans can be extremely devoted… and this is where the problem lies for a lot of parents.

Their kids eat, sleep and breathe Minecraft. They want to play it all day and night… and if they’re not playing it then they’re talking about playing it, or watching YouTube videos of other people playing it.

So what is it about the game that brings on this level of devotion? How do you get okay with that, and where’s the line between obsession and addiction?

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On the same site you can find a detailed Parent’s Guide to Minecraft with lots of informative arcticles:

The Parent’s Guide To… 

Are your kids hounding you to play Minecraft… but you’re not sure whether it’s okay?
Do they already play (all day and night) and you want to know what the big deal is?
Are they yelling about creepers and spawns and butter and spider jockeys and biomes and sticky pistons and mods… and you don’t know what the hell they’re talking about?
Do you want to make the game run faster or add cheats to make it easier for them?

Well this page is for you!


HOW-TO GUIDES (for computer version)



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