iPad in Education


iPad is transforming the way we teach and learn. Powerful creative tools, interactive textbooks, and a universe of apps and content make for endless learning possibilities. All on a device everyone already loves to use.

Teaching with iPad. Bring every lesson to life.There’s a reason iPad has become a favorite with students and teachers. Every lesson is more hands-on. You can easily customize the learning experience for each student with apps and books geared to any level. Or teach with your own interactive materials created with iBooks Author. And you can organize and deliver all your lessons with iTunes U, so your students have access to their learning materials on iPad wherever they go.
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Apps, books, and more. Find everything from A to Z.When it comes to finding content for your lessons, iPad has something for everything you teach. And for everything your students want to learn. There are hundreds of thousands of apps, interactive textbooks, videos, and podcasts that cover every subject and grade level. The App Store, iBooks, and iTunes U make it simple to navigate and find what you need. And new resources are added every day.
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